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Earn Comps When You Play in Cash Games
Appeared in January 2009, Volume I

In keeping with the Las Vegas and Atlantic City Casino tradition of offering comps to players, we have rolled out our "Player Rewards" program. Like Vegas and Atlantic City, we will also reward players who sit down and play in any one of our cash games. Players even have the ability, right from the website, to see how much playing time they've accumulated at the cash games, as well as, how much in comps their time converts to. Use your comps in exchange for food and drinks.

The process is simple. You first must log in as a Player, then from the Player Account Home screen you will see two links on the right hand side. Clicking on the "Print Players Club Card" will display a Players Club Card, with your name and ID on it. Print it out and keep it with you. All you have to do is give it to a Floor Person or the Bank Table before sitting down at any Cash Game. Your time will be tracked for you by our staff, and entered after the event. Click on the "See Cash You've Earned" link and it will display your playing log, as well as, any comps you've received and comps that have been earned, but not collected.

For every one hour that you sit down and play at a Cash Game, you will accumulate $1.00 in comps, pro-rated. When you've accumulated enough, turn in your comps for drinks and/or food at any one of our events.... its that simple.